A group of graduate students in Transportation Engineering submitted a registration form to the Council of Student Organizations at Florida International University in the Summer, 2013.  The registration was approved at the beginning of Fall semester, indicating that the Florida International University Women in Transportation’s Seminar (WTS@FIU) Student Chapter was officially founded.  The Student Chapter was founded for the purpose of providing more opportunities to the female students in the field of Transportation Engineering and facilitating them towards their future success.

Professional Development:

Holding transportation seminars and guest speaker events, with a focus on female pioneers in the academia and industry

Field Trips:

Arranging trips to visit transportation centers and construction sites.


Hosting students, corporation with other student chapter, communication through internet.

Social Events:

How about some fun after hard working?


introducing transportation engineering and potential careers to students, especially young girls.

Professional Networking:

Meeting professionals in academia and industry through conferences.

Community Services:

Introducing Transportation engineers to students, especially young girls.